The story behind suPAhuman

In honor of the one-year anniversary of The Humerus Med, 10% of all profits this week will go towards organizations that support and raise awareness for Joanna, Emily, and Katrina's conditions. 

On October 26, 2020, with everyones go-ahead, Joanna added Emily, Katrina, and Haley to a group chat on Instagram. It was named “supahumans”. In this small corner of the internet advice could be shared, help was offered, connections were made, and venting - regarding symptoms and ableism - took place.

A group of incoming healthcare providers with chronic illnesses and disabilities found community and perspective. Navigating the world as a patient was a battle in itself, becoming a healthcare professional with a medical condition was a war few seemed to understand - or at least openly discuss without fear of being discriminated against.

When you wear “suPAhuman” across your chest, you are supporting your chronically ill + disabled peers. We are patients first and providers. We have to get up and choose to take care of ourselves every single day so that we can take care of others. We know what it’s like to be dismissed, to be medically gaslit, and to feel completely hopeless.

Remember us when you treat your patients, advocate for them how you would for your colleague, and most importantly listen to them.

Support the original suPAhumans directly 

Joanna  - Behcets Disease

Emily - PSTPIP1 Mutation/Fever Syndrome

Katrina - Behcets Disease

Haley - Dysautonomia (POTS)